Triton Junior Wrestling

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  1. Where are practices?

    Practices are held at Triton High School. Enter through the back door into the small "back gym".

  2. What equiptment does my child need?

    Wrestling shoes are mandatory for matches and practices.

    Headgear is required for matches and should be used during practices when "live wrestling".

    If your child wears braces, mouth guards are helpful at avoiding injury.

    Knee pads are optional.

    If your child wears eyeglasses: Sport goggles/glasses are preferred; if not available your child must wrestling without their eyeglasses.


  3. What should we bring to practice?

    Wear t-shirt/shorts, bring wrestling shoes or a clean pair of sneakers (please do not wear them outside – we need to keep the mats clean), head gear, a water bottle, and a hat or hooded sweatshirt to wear out after practice. Sanitizing hand wipes are helpful for wiping down head gear, hands & bottoms of shoes after practice. Wrestlers with braces may want to wear mouth guards.



  4. What League do you participate in?

    We are part of the Grapevine League. The Grapevine League is made up of 47 youth wrestling clubs from central and south jersey. These are the teams who we will see at the matches.Check out their website

  5. Are parents required to remain at practice?

    No – parents may leave but please be sure that you can be reached in case we need to call you.  All Parents must personally check in with a Coach before you leave practice.  Please return promptly before the end of practice to get any information pertaining to the next practice or match.


  6. What should we expect at practice?

    Wrestlers are paired relative to weight and age during practice and most especially at competitions. They will have cardio drills, learn moves and with partners.  Coaches will talk about upcoming events and meets.



  7. What should we do after practice?

     Make sure your wrestler gets shower or bath and washes well.  Be sure to allow gear to dry out and wash all practice clothing. We want to prevent wrestlers from getting skin infections

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